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  • High Speed Production
    Welding of 60 to 70 Nuts per Minute is possible with one machine and one operator
  • Operator safety
    No need for operator to put nut between electrodes and as such no possibility of accidental injury to the operator
  • Right placement
    Nut is placed with right orientation every time. Thus savings from probable damaged parts, damage to electrodes
  • No Wastage
    Nuts do not fall down on shop floor, saving the material wastage
  • Easy to setup
    Takes only a few hours for installation and is productionized on same day
  • Auto/Manual functions
    Facilitates welding of different nuts by switching of nut feeder and can operate only spot welder
  • Auto switch off for vibrator
    Saves power by switching off the vibrator when the supply hose is full



  • Operating Voltage
    415V AC
  • Supply Frequency
    50 Hz
  • Air Supply
    4.5 to 5 bar
  • Bowl capacity
    Around 10,000 Nuts
  • Feed rate
    60-70 Nuts per Minute for M6
    50-60 Nuts per Minute for M10

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